Tackling the Freelancer Burnout

Yesterday was a Saturday morning, and instead of watching the Penn State football game, I spent hours researching “Freelancer Burnout.” I came across these two articles, “3 Symptoms of Freelance Burnout” and  “Coping with Burnout: A New Study Reveal What Works (and What Makes it Worse)”, but ended up reading about a dozen in all. The articles confirmed what I already knew. I am burnt out – in a major way.

While my husband and a few close friends have known this for months, it takes a lot for me to admit it for the entire world to potentially see.  Continue reading “Tackling the Freelancer Burnout”

Running Reboot: Day 1


Location: My ‘hood

Elevation: 2,251 to 2,343 ft

Temp: 60F at 8:15 a.m.

Today was the start of my running reboot. I haven’t run in several months; in fact, my last competitive run was the Marana Egg Nog Jog 5K on January 1.

Why I Needed a Reboot

There are many factors of why I haven’t had the energy to keep up with running. The biggest reason is work. For months (pretty much since I posted last), I’ve been doing too much – by saying yes to client work and project schedule changes that creates a nearly-impossible workload. This has equated to longer days, working through weekends, and yes, even through the holidays. My energy has been completely zapped for weeks now.  Continue reading “Running Reboot: Day 1”

A First: Trail Running

Location: Catalina State Park

Elevation: 2,601 to 2,785

Temp: 39F at 8:45 a.m.

Last Sunday I did my first ever trail run – a short 2.3 miles in the Catalina State Park.

To be honest, “trail running” wasn’t even on my radar two months ago.

How it began.

I met and spoke with a long-distance trail runner in July while we were volunteering together at a triathlon. She, too, is an active member of TeamRWB, and she told me about her and her husband’s adventures in running these crazy-long races: 50Ks, 100K, team relay races that go on for 36 hours non-stop (or more). Continue reading “A First: Trail Running”