5 Things I Learned in September

Taking a nod from the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog to share a few things I learned in September – from emotional to mundane.  

1. My strength has limits

First the lows: This month I really wanted to run away from life. I am officially exhausted by the move – and all the “to-dos” that come along with moving across state lines: 

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45 Things I’ve Learned Living in Tucson

Nearly three years ago, Jason and I made the journey across the country to live in Tucson. We’d sold our house near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and much of our belongings to start our post-Army life in Tucson so Jason could attend the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program (RTIP).

Now that Jason has graduated [insert big happy dance for how proud I am of him] and we are gearing up for our next adventure, I have been reflecting on what I’ve learned during my time here. Continue reading “45 Things I’ve Learned Living in Tucson”

Tackling the Freelancer Burnout

Yesterday was a Saturday morning, and instead of watching the Penn State football game, I spent hours researching “Freelancer Burnout.” I came across these two articles, “3 Symptoms of Freelance Burnout” and  “Coping with Burnout: A New Study Reveal What Works (and What Makes it Worse)”, but ended up reading about a dozen in all. The articles confirmed what I already knew. I am burnt out – in a major way.

While my husband and a few close friends have known this for months, it takes a lot for me to admit it for the entire world to potentially see.  Continue reading “Tackling the Freelancer Burnout”